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Charger Amstel 3 F


2 to 48V systems  50 to 200A <2500W


The Amstel 3 Type B is a compact and robust switch mode power supply, forced cooled, specifically designed for battery chargers, full control by MODBUS.


The Amstel Rectifier is Voltage and Current constant. The rectifier can be parameterized by the AM software RS485 or RS232, and optionally parameterized using three push buttons by menu structure. The parameters can be protected by a PIN code to prevent unauthorized personnel to change settings. The maximal charging voltage =2.4V/Cell and float voltage is default 2.25V. These parameters can be adjusted.


Battery system Voltage









  • Aux. supply: 190V...265V.
  • Line Power supply specified by customer: 200V/208V/220/340V/380V/400V/415V/440V/480V.
  • Boost Time adjustable.
  • Boost Boost Voltage level 2...2.5V per Cell.
  • Float voltage 2...2.5V per Cell.
  • Modbus over RS485.
  • RTU and ASCII protocol. 1200...115.200 baud (19.200 baud default),
  • Alarms on over-current, over-voltage.

Control and Display Panel 

  • Display actual Current & Voltage display
  • Optional Menu
  • Status Leds

- Power LED 

- Communication LED

- Output active LED

- Error LED

  • RS232 DB9 female 

Connection panel

Power connector

  • Aux. power 190Vac..265Vac 1ph
  • Main power 3ph
  • FieldbusRS485 half duplex MODBUS
  • Input/Output
  • Actual Uout and Iout 0-60mVdc
  • Digital potential free output contact
  • 2x Digital inputs
  • 1x Digital output

DC output

  • Plus terminal M8 hole for cable lug
  • Min terminal M8 hole for cable lug 

Fuse for the auxiliary power supply

Standard air out, optional reversed airflow.


 Item Minimal Nominal Maximal Unit
 Environment temperature -20 +20 +35 oC
 Relative humidity 10 60 90 %
 Height     192 mm
 Width     244 mm
 Length     353 mm
 Weight   11 kg
 Line voltage [AC] depending on type -5% Line voltage +10% V
 Max output power (depending on type)     2500 W
 Standby power incl.   2   W
 Input fuse 5x20mm Slow   1.6   A
 Accuracy    <0.2   


PDN = AM3F-(DC Voltage)V-(DC Current)A-3-400V-B(Options)


Amstel 3 48V 50A Forced cooled 3ph 400Vac with modbus and Menu



  • AF1

    Reverse air flow, bottom to top direction. 

  • M1

    Menu controlled with push buttons on top.  

  • PU1

    Cathodic protection Timer option.

  • RF1

    Cathodic protection potential controlled on ON value reference cell can be any type as long the...

  • RF2

    Cathodic protection potential controlled on OFF value reference cell can be any type as long the...

  • RF3

    Cathodic protection potential controlled on ON and OFF value reference cell can be any type as...

  • RS1

    RS485 Modbus RTU/ASCII open protocol easy to integrate with SCADA or other controls PLC etc.

  • TB1

    Vertical mounting holes Top and Bottom

  • US1

    USB parameterization option.