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Monitoring Remote (cloud-based)

With the Amstel monitoring system you can easily monitor and parameterize all your Amstels quickly through your web browser.

The current values are displayed, and also all setpoints can be viewed and modified, in online mode, if necessary. It is easy to export all these values to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

Furthermore, this system allows you to view system statistics. There is a long history being kept of all measured values with which line graphs can be generated. These graphs can easily be saved on your computer. 

The system also works with colors. If there are error messages or the values are not updated, you can see at a glance that something is going on by the use of red colors. If everything is in working order, it will be indicated with a green color.


Features :

  • Monitor all actual values of the Amstel rectifiers.
  • Adjust all setpoints online.
  • Generate graphs from all historic data.
  • Save graphs to Computer as JPEG files.
  • Export results or setpoint to Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • User and authority control (in development).


Multiple browser support :  



Results page

This page shows all the measured values of the Amstels from the database and displayed on the computer screen. The table is built dynamically, so if there are more results placed in the database, they will be shown on the screen automatically as well.

By the use of colors an indication will be given whether a result is current or not. If the color of the fields are green, the values are not older than the given time limit. If the fields are red then something went wrong and the values are not current.

All results can be easily exported to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel using the menu buttons in the top of the page.



Settings page

On this page, the values of the Amstel can be read and configured online. It is possible to change the parameters of individual Amstels or more than one at a time through the check boxes.

Through color indications you can see if a change in the configuration has been succesfully processed on the Amstels. If the fields are green, the modification has been processed within a given time. If the fields are red, then something went wrong and the setpoints are not processed on the Amstel.

All settings can be easily exported to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel using the menu buttons on top of the page.  



Page statistics

On this page statistics of a certain period of time can be generated using selection option in the calendars. Different values and rectifiers can be selected.

It is possible to display multiple rectifiers in one graph, and it is also possible to select multiple variables.

All graphs can be saved as a jpeg image by clicking on the button on the graph page. In this way you can easily save all the statistics on your computer.




It is possible to assign rights in the monitoring system to certain users. Below is a table with a overview of which rights to be assigned per user per page. A means that it is possible to assign this right. An X indicates that this right is not possible to assign.


  Read Only rights Modify Parameters rights
Results page X
Settings page
Statistics page X


In the settings page it is possible to give a user Read Only rights but also Read Only plus Modify Parameters rights. If a user is assigned Read Only rights in the Settings page then all buttons and input fields are "gray" and inactive. This user still can see all the settings, but is not able to modify it.