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Parameterization for Amstels

Parameterization software for Amstel devices. With this software all registers of the Amstels, or other devices related to the Amstel Rectifiers, can be parameterized. 




Tested for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

  • Setup registers
  • Update Firmware
  • Optional scripting for R&D
  • Monitoring and making graphs trand plots
  • Auto update from internet
  • Future devices will be supported
  • Optional scripting

The AM software can be connected by USB directly to Amstel devices that has USB or using a standard RS232 to USB cable.

For our drivers please download this setup.


Download AM software

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With logging it's possible to monitor the holding registers of the Amstel to see its behavior.


Scripting Optional

 With scripting it's possible to do research in lab setups.