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How to connect the 3 phases

Here we describe the best way to connect the amstel serie 2,3,4 to the mains.

Wire size

Power        Wire size            

Minimal: 0.75mm²

Advice: 1.5mm²


Minimal: 1.5mm²

Advice: 2.5mm²


Required 2.5mm²


Required: 4mm² 


Power        MCB rating @ 380V... 480Vac


4A B type


6A B Type


10A B Type


16A B Type

* Remark for temperature: please look into the datasheet of the MCB manufacture for rating.


Auxillary Supply

The internal power supply is independent of the main power connection by the following reason:

- Communication stays working when main power is disconnected.

- Power supply is connected to the machine control supply.


The voltage range 190..265Vac: the protection is done by an internal fuse.