Cathodic Protection Products - Concrete

Amstel for Concrete

Amstels for protection of construction steel in concrete.


A 120 year design life for concrete infrastructure has become increasingly common. Without early
preventative maintenance this design life target may be optimistic. The design service life of reinforced concrete structures often is not reached because of early deterioration and damage. The service life of some modern concrete structures is 20 to 30 years at most. Even good quality engineering concrete is made up of countless invisible interconnecting capillary pores. The concrete acts like a “hard sponge” which absorbs damaging liquids such as water and aggressive water-borne salts.

The strength of any concrete lessens as a result of static and dynamic loading, chloride ion ingress (from sea water) and the application of deicing salts. This leaves the concrete vulnerable to corrosion of the embedded steel. Concrete can also be damaged by sulphate attack, alkali-silica reaction, carbonation, temperature change, abrasion, biological attack, salt crystallization, efflorescence and freeze-thaw attack. Many of these processes are surface water driven and can be mitigated by early preventative maintenance with alkyl alkoxy silane impregnation.



ICCP Amstel 1 N Concrete

Range 2V  1 to 10A <100W


The Amstel 1 Type C is a compact and robust switch mode power supply, forced cooled, specifically designed for cathodic protection in concrete structures. Standard SCADA RS485 MODBUS fieldbus.

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Parameterization for Amstels

Parameterization software for Amstel devices. With this software all registers of the Amstels, or other devices related to the Amstel Rectifiers, can be parameterized. 

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  • AF1

    Reverse air flow, bottom to top direction. 

  • M1

    Menu controlled with push buttons on top.  

  • PU1

    Cathodic protection Timer option.

  • RF1

    Cathodic protection potential controlled on ON value reference cell can be any type as long the...

  • RF2

    Cathodic protection potential controlled on OFF value reference cell can be any type as long the...

  • RF3

    Cathodic protection potential controlled on ON and OFF value reference cell can be any type as...

  • RS1

    RS485 Modbus RTU/ASCII open protocol easy to integrate with SCADA or other controls PLC etc.

  • TB1

    Vertical mounting holes Top and Bottom

  • US1

    USB parameterization option.